Ron W Mumford

Ron W Mumford


Ron Mumford is the author of a non-fiction book, Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way, an action thriller, Gray Justice, and a fantasy trilogy which includes Wayne’s Angel, Betwixt, and Z-Gen, soon to be published by 3rd Coast Books, LLC where he is now Co-Publisher.

Mumford was a Journalism major at the University of North Texas, worked at two small newspapers as sports editor, as associate editor at a national trade magazine, and has written freelance articles for several newspapers and magazines. After being drafted into the U.S. Army, he was an information specialist (Army Combat Correspondent/Photographer) in Vietnam and Germany, receiving two Bronze Stars for his service in Vietnam. He also wrote for Army Times and Stars & Stripes.

Mumford started his own business as a literary agent in the late 1990s in Houston, Texas, went to New York and Hollywood to pitch his clients’ work and did kick off the careers of several aspiring authors. The experience he gained from talking to many editors at Simon & Schuster, Putnam/Penguin, Warner Books and many other publishing houses was invaluable.

Mumford wants other authors to gain from his experience. One of his first editors, Myra Barnes, Ph.D., from Baytown told him, “Ron, as a writer, if you ever make it big in the book writing business, send the elevator down to your fellow writers!” This is what he is doing as a publisher at 3rd Coast.

He has never forgotten that plea and continues to support fellow Indie writers in any way he can. IF YOU QUIT, YOU LOSE! He hopes to spread the word globally to never quit writing and never give up hope. Someone will come along and send the elevator down…

Finding Your Soul Mate God's Way

“You’ve tried finding your Soul Mate your way, now try finding them God’s Way.” True, often heart-wrenching stories of love gone wrong, followed by heart-warming stories of the right way (God’s Way) to find everlasting love. Scripture based wisdom. Man is not meant to be alone…but there are guidelines for men and women to follow to make love last.

Gray Justice

“Dirty Harry teams with The Godfather to wrap the law around Scarface.”
Gray Justice is a book that confronts the losing war on drugs, organized crime and draining The Swamp in Washington, D.C. This time, the good guys win! Forbidden love affairs, lots of court room drama. A determined team of law enforcement officials decide to push the limits of the law to bring these problems to a solution and a victory for the citizens of the U.S.A.

Wayne's Angel

Wayne’s Angel Is about Wayne Tyler, a very talented singer, musician, musical impersonator and lady pleaser. When he auditions at Tequilaville, a lakeside club near the NASA facilities in Clear Lake, Texas, the supernatural begins to explode. Wayne wants to know what true love is but has to face his demons to find out. Gordon is Wayne’s angel and directs his rebellious path.