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Finding Your Soul Mate God's Way

“You’ve tried finding your Soul Mate your way, now try finding them God’s Way.” True, often heart-wrenching stories of love gone wrong, followed by heart-warming stories of the right way (God’s Way) to find everlasting love. Scripture based wisdom. Man is not meant to be alone…but there are guidelines for men and women to follow to make love last.

Gray Justice

“Dirty Harry teams with The Godfather to wrap the law around Scarface.”
Gray Justice is a book that confronts the losing war on drugs, organized crime and draining The Swamp in Washington, D.C. This time, the good guys win! Forbidden love affairs, lots of court room drama. A determined team of law enforcement officials decide to push the limits of the law to bring these problems to a solution and a victory for the citizens of the U.S.A.

Wayne's Angel

Wayne’s Angel Is about Wayne Tyler, a very talented singer, musician, musical impersonator and lady pleaser. When he auditions at Tequilaville, a lakeside club near the NASA facilities in Clear Lake, Texas, the supernatural begins to explode. Wayne wants to know what true love is but has to face his demons to find out. Gordon is Wayne’s angel and directs his rebellious path.

“Amazing Book!”

“Wow! What an amazing book. Engaging, suspenseful and inspiring.”

Phillip Hatfield, Zig Ziglar speaker.

“The reader is taken on a suspense-filled journey”

“In this exciting, modern day love story, the reader is taken on a suspense-filled journey to a whole new realm somewhere between Wm. Paul Young’s, The Shack and beyond Frank Peretti’s Piercing the Darkness.”

Belinda, J.D.

“Ron is spot on with this book!”

“Ron is spot on with this book! It is a great tool for working on finding your soul mate and recognizing them when they arrive in your life.”


“Your book has challenged me.”

“Your book has challenged me to look at how I have been dating. I have been doing it all wrong.”


“It is fun and interesting to read.”

“This book is not only informative and Biblically-based, it is fun and interesting to read. It flows as if God controlled the pen.”


“This book floored me.”

“This book floored me. It perfectly mapped out what God has been doing in my life. I got down on my knees.”


“I know who my soul mate is.”

“After reading this book, I know who my soul mate is…according to God’s word.”


A Former U.S. Attorney says…

“If circumstances lined up and the DOJ and law enforcement had the fortitude to follow the path in this book, It would work.”

Former U.S. Attorney

“I can’t wait to read book 2.”

“I can’t wait to read book 2, Betwixt, then book 3, Z-Gen. Email me when they come out.”


“Exactly what you get.”

“Rock stars, drunkenness, infidelity and demons; not exactly what you would expect in a Christian novel. But in Wayne’s Angel, that’s exactly what you get.”

Michael, Pastor.

Mumford weaves a story of both micro spiritual and macro cosmic redemption.

Wayne’s Angel, the first of a three book trilogy, is portentous. With the vision of a modern day C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, Mumford weaves a story of both micro spiritual and macro cosmic redemption.”

T. Kent, Ph.D.

From Another Reader

“I decided to read this book while taking a bubble bath. The water got cold, so I added more hot water and kept reading.”


“I applaud your willingness to be frank.”

“I applaud your willingness to be frank. May this book spread out and advance the message of God’s kingdom to singles and married believers.”

Pastor Mike